Recognized by the World Health Organization, ECFMG(USA), GMC ( UK), AMC (Australia), SLMC ( sri Lanka), India, China, etc and EU/EEA.

Education is one of the main priorities of the national policy of the Republic of Belarus.

Studying in Belarus should be the best choice for both domestic and International students. This is due to the standard and quality of Education system in Belarus. Education in Belarus is of very high standard, hence every year students from all over the world troop into Belarus for studies in their respective courses of choice.Studying in Belarus is more than just a dream of having a degree program or a Master program abroad; The Belarusian universities and other high institutions are immensely equipped with education facilities to meet the standard of any present day academic challenge.

Fully English Medium Studies
600 highly-qualified professors and assistant professors; 34 departments, 5 profile research laboratories and a central research laboratory; 18 large clinics equipped in modern way;
Best in Belarus
the clinical base of the University is the best in Belarus, advanced medical technologies on diagnostic and treatment of endocrinology, cardiologic, immunologic, hematology, ophthalmologic, oncology and other diseases are applied;
5 faculties of the University
More than 5000 (including more than 1300 overseas) students taught at 5 faculties of the University; The library with rich volume of books and access to Internet, three reading halls enabling adequate preparation for the educational process;

The main directions of international cooperation of the educational establishment "The Gomel State Medical University" are :

Enhancing the role of the university in international educational space and in the international market of educational services;

Development of international relations with foreign educational institutions;

The implementation of cultural and academic exchanges between the partner universities to study promising areas of educational process, introduction of innovative educational approaches to improve the scientific and professional level of teachers and students;

Ensuring the participation of departments, staff and students in international projects, programs, competitions;

Dissemination of educational services of the University Improving the educational process and improving the quality of training through the creative use of international experience.

The Republic of Belarus is located in the Eastern part of Europe. In the West it borders on Poland, North-West Lithuania, in the North Latvia, in the North East & East Russia, in the South Ukraine. The Capital city of Belarus is Minsk, which is the biggest political, Economic, Scientific and cultural centre of the country. The people of Belarus are very kind and friendly.
The pride of any university - Talented students and its main asset, of course sucessful gradute. When it comes to the history of GSMU has its origine in 1990 and now it's the second largest university. GSMU has 5 faculties and more than 4000 students and among them more than 1000 internation students. There are over 370 highly qualified professors. GSMU has 36 departments, 23 affiliated clinics and five training buildings with modern practical skill laboratories and research laboratories. They offer thier degrees in fully English medium and also offer comfortable hostels for thier students.
Gomel State Medical University are concluded and the agreement (contract) on cooperation with foreign institutions of education, research and other foreign organizations. Among the main partners of the University such foreign educational institutions as the University of Nagasaki (Japan), University of Akita (Japan), Kursk Medical University (Russia). After the graduation internation students can be worked in most European contries without entrance exam.
Degree Offered : Medical Doctor (MD)
Course Fee : 4200 USD / Year
Course Duration : 6 Years/ 120 Semesters (Including Intership)
Study Language : English Medium
Intake : September every year