When it comes to the Medical faculties of Gomel State Medical University, its teaching methods are highly advantages and the degree is recognized all over the world including SLMC/ ECFMG/ MCI/ European Medical Council/ AMC/ GMC/ WHO and UNESCO.

Medical and Diagnostic Department of the educational establishment "Gomel State Medical University" provides training in the specialty "medical-diagnostic business." Duration of training - 5 years. Graduates are awarded the qualification of "doctor." Medical and Diagnostic Department combines specialized departments in the training of doctors in the specialty "medical-diagnostic case", as well as other university department. Representative collegial body of management, is the faculty council. Leaders of the faculty and the Faculty Council performs the dean.

The educational process is carried out at 35 departments of the university highly qualified university experts, using traditional teaching methods and modern technologies.
1-3 courses students learn the social-humanitarian and natural-science disciplines, receive basic training necessary to teach any doctor. The most thoroughly studied various fields of chemistry (general, bioorganic, analytical, biological), medical and biological physics, microbiology, histology, normal and pathological physiology. It laid the foundation of skills and knowledge.
Senior students (3-5) combines the study of clinical disciplines with training in the disciplines of diagnostic profile. Students of the Faculty of Medical and Diagnostic study the same clinical discipline that the students of the medical faculty:. Internal medicine, surgical diseases, obstetrics and gynecology, infectious diseases, etc. Also learn functional diagnosis, radiation diagnosis and radiotherapy. But the greatest amount of time is given to the study of the various sections clinical laboratory diagnostics (1770 total hours).

Preparation of students for specialized disciplines of the specialty "Medical diagnostic work" carried out at the Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, allergy and immunology, placed on the base SE "Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology", which operates the clinical diagnostic laboratory, equipped with the most high-tech equipment.
Preparation of students for clinical laboratory diagnosis carried out in stages through the development of various components: the foundations of the organization and management of services of clinical laboratory diagnostics; Clinical Biochemistry; Hematology; Clinical Allergy and Immunology; coagulation; cytology, immunocytochemistry, molecular biology and genetics; Clinical Microbiology.
The students acquire the skills of interpretation of laboratory results, the choice of strategy and tactics of the survey for various clinical and diagnostic groups, taking into account the technical aspects of modern laboratory equipment, master the basics of laboratory management.
Despite the complexity of teaching, student years are not limited to studies. At the faculty each with The student can display their talents in sports sections, amateur, to take part in social and cultural life of the university and the city.

From the first year students of the Faculty of Medical and Diagnostic may attend scientific circles. This work is interesting and exciting.
Graduates are awarded the qualification "doctor" with the consequent possibility of employment in the medical office medical and diagnostic profile in health care, hygiene and epidemiology centers .
After the internship, graduate of the Faculty of Medical and Diagnostic passing exams entitling independent work. Over the entire period of the faculty on a specialty "medical-diagnostic case" prepared 1059 doctors (issues 2002-2016).
The best graduates of our faculty work as the head of clinical diagnostic laboratory diagnostic departments of health care institutions, faculty departments of the university, medical college, are trained in graduate school at the University departments.

We wish you a successful entrants take entrance exams and waiting for you as a student at the medical faculty Gomel State Medical University

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